Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about GreenSupply?

GreenSupply is building physical infrastructure (GreenSupply Centre) at village level. Our Village center (GreenSupply Centre) is helping more than 90% farmers in one village to get access to our quality agri services and also helping us to build trust with small and medium farmers in rural areas.

What is GreenSupply Centre?

It's a much needed physical infrastructure center for farmers in village, each center managed through IT enabled systems and manned by agri-professionals and co-ordination with farmers.

How to contact GreenSupply?

You can write us at founderdesk@greensupply.co.in OR Please feel free to contact us anytime on +91 9431674337 .

Who are the people building GreenSupply?

All the founding team of GreenSupply is belongs to farmers family. Founders have seen the struggles and pain of farmers that's why they are building GreenSupply to solve their problems and make their live better.